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Collar Kings, the 3-dimensional cone shape collar that easily slides over the top of your bottle. This bottle necker allows for an additional product billboard space that can promote specials, sales, coupons, nutritional facts or just bring more flash and recognition to your product when on display at retail locations.

Become compliant with the FDA before Jan 1, 2020 as these collars can easily display the mandatory nutritional facts to your consumer along with additional product promotion. This collar comes preformed in an easy to apply package that can either be placed on your product by hand or can be automated for placement during the bottling process. The sleek design conforms to the bottles dimensions, making it great for application prior to shipment since it will not come in contact with the shipping container. It does not require application at the site of the retailer, nor by distributors, for placement of the cumbersome bottle neckers.

Let us help you design your graphics to fit the collars to bring your product more recognition when on display at retail locations. Collar Kings is ready to serve your needs. Contact us today for samples or if you would like to talk to see how Collar Kings can serve you and your business and bring increased sales to your product.

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